Arolo-Tifar – The Healing Art of the Atlantean Masters

Arolo-Tifar – The Healing Art of the Atlantean Masters

Arolo-Tifar – The Healing Art of the Atlantean Masters

Arolo Tifar is both a new and a very ancient healing technique. It is ancient because it originates from the civilization of Atlantis. It is new because it has only been rediscovered and put back into practice since the early 1990s. The words “Arolo Tifar” are authentic words from the Atlantean language meaning, “one who has balanced the internal and the external.” It may be of interest to note that Arolo Tifar is the “active” part of Reiki, its complement.

Arolo Tifar is unique as a healing method because of its special energetic system of diagnosis, which enables the therapist to target (with utmost accuracy) the root of the malfunction and treat it.

The Arolo diagnosis explores the five fields of the body (material, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual) with a series of digital codes. The purpose of the diagnosis is to determine in which field the root is located and to indicate what secondary fields are affected. In other words, it enables the therapist to differentiate between the root cause of the malfunction and the symptoms. The diagnosis will even detect karmic processes (periods of intense apprenticeship), as well as indicate what phase the individual is in (beginning, middle or completion). This diagnosis provides vital information upon which a therapy can be based. The results of the diagnosis will also determine the hand position for the actual Arolo Treatment.

Arolo Tifar works toward the harmonization and alignment of an individuals core essence. The internal adjustments later reflect in the external, the persons life. The aim of Arolo Tifar is, as mentioned above, to balance the internal and the external.
How was Arolo Tifar rediscovered?

F.E. Eckard Strohm is a spiritual master, healer, author and medium with a doctorate in Theology and Metaphysics. He is one of few privileged people who have received divine permission to access the Akashic Records, the “book of all cosmic truths.” The ability to access this divine archive enabled him to research the culture of Atlantis in great depth. The use of Reiki was apparent. Yet, there existed another healing technique practiced by the Lokis (Master Atlantean Healers), which utilized programmed quartz and amethyst cubes in its advanced levels. In 1991 Eckard Strohm rediscovered Arolo Tifar and has since dedicated himself to the instruction and dissemination of this ancient healing technique.

 Where is Arolo Tifar currently being offered? Arolo Tifar is currently being offered in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Peru. Arolo Tifar has just recently begun to expand into the United States and England.

What are the differences between Arolo Tifar and Reiki? Arolo is considered to be the “active” part of Reiki because of the therapists active participation in discovering the root of the malfunction. It is reasonable to assume that a therapist might place their hands over the heart area of a person who showed signs of emotional instability. What the therapist may not realize, for example, is that the individual recently lost his/her job and the root of the problem is actually in the material field. In this case the emotional response is merely a symptom (secondary field). The energy of Reiki would undoubtedly find its way to the root of the malfunction and successfully treat it, but the therapist may not have access to this important information. The Arolo diagnosis enables the therapist to differentiate between the symptoms and root cause of a malfunction. Visible malfunctions are always symptoms, while the root is always hidden. Treating the symptom will not result in healing the root of the malfunction.

How does the Arolo diagnosis enhance a therapy? Arolo aims to heal the root of the malfunction allowing individuals to more easily and consciously complete the specific apprenticeship at hand. The diagnosis enables the therapist to determine the root of the malfunctions as well as to discover what secondary fields are affected. This is vital information upon which the therapy can be based since it serves as a map of the individual at that moment of their apprenticeship. The combination of the results of the diagnosis, the information received intuitively during the treatment and the individuals own input allows for concrete and specific conclusions to be reached. The therapist may also suggest an appropriate course of action. For example, if the problem lies in a repetitive destructive thought pattern, working with a specific affirmation might be useful. The energetic changes are achieved during treatment, any suggested course of action is to insure that the individual does not fall back into the old habits.

How might information about a karmic process assist an individual?Lets say the Arolo diagnosis indicates that an individual is completing a karmic process (confirming that the lesson has been learned). This news offers great relief to someone who may have spent a year (or more) in some never-ending phase of stagnation, depression or confusion. An Arolo treatment may then be offered to assist him/her to digest and give order to this closing cycle.If the individual is in the midst of a karmic process Arolo Tifar does not allow the therapist to offer a complete healing since the pending lesson must be achieved by the individual. However, the affected secondary fields discovered in the diagnosis provide further information regarding the theme of the karmic process at hand. Sharing this information with the individual helps to clarify the pending work.

For example, an individual in a karmic process with “mental” as a secondary field might signify: outdated, blocked or erroneous thoughts are preventing the soul (higher self) from evolving.
What does the therapy consist of?The therapy consists of a diagnosis to locate the root cause of the malfunction and pinpoint all secondary affected fields.  Once determined, channelled energy is directed to that field to unblock and balance the individual at every level of their being.  Arolo Tifar treatments utilize two cube amethysts and two cube quartz programmed by Eckard Strohm according to the ancient Atlantean tradition. 

Afterwards, the results of the diagnosis, all information received during the therapy and the actual work performed are explained to clarify the apprenticeship at hand.  Suggestions for personal follow-up work may be given as well. 

Long Distance HealingsThe fact that Arolo Tifar operates on a spiritual/energetic level places it beyond the limitations of time and space.


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